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Women’s Studies

Precept StudyWomen’s studies have been offered at Metropolitan for many, many years. This fall is no exception. On Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings you will see approximately 50-60 women studying God’s Word through various topics or books of the Bible.

As you walk by the rooms, you’ll observe women seated around tables with their Bibles, coffee, and snacks (what study is complete without snacks?) watching video messages, responding to discussion questions posed by the facilitators, and sharing prayer requests. One of the studies has seen growth in attendance from 6 a few years ago to 14 today. And as already mentioned, prayer support is as much a part of their time together as is digging into the scriptures.

Thursday morning studyEach study, no matter its content, is designed to hold up the mirror of God’s Word so that each participant can look into it “for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). Some are more in-depth in approach than others, but all are seeking to encourage women to be “doers of the Word and not hearers only” (James 1:22).

One of the studies this fall challenges in the area of living an exemplary Christian life in light of the spiritual warfare we face and the Lord’s promised return. Another study teaches how to renew and transform our thought life through filling our minds with the truth of God’s Word to replace the lies we’ve believed about Him and ourselves. The other study encourages women to be thankful in the midst of the mundane as well as the storms of life, and thus by viewing all of life through the lens of gratitude, growing in understanding the tremendous love God has for His children.

While these topics have been challenging for some and freeing for others, as they take the time to know what the Bible says, then seek to understand what it means, the Holy Spirit is able to bring practical application to those involved. Then as God’s Word is obeyed in daily life, the result is a life honoring to Him.

God has given us gifted leaders to facilitate our Bible study offerings.  Carolyn Churchill, Georganne Thomas, and Joy Heidebrecht  all have hearts for Him and hearts to see women grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, not in head knowledge alone, but in practical life experience.

Keep looking for future announcements about new studies so that you can get in on the transforming power of God’s Word.


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