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“Such Were Some of You”

For those with loved ones who struggle with homosexuality

A little over a year ago Stephen Black was a speaker in our Christ, Culture & Coffee series on cultural engagement. He spoke on the church’s response to homosexuality. At the time we promised to explore this subject on a deeper level.

The feedback I have been receiving from many of you since I presented my message “When God Lets Go” on Romans 1:18-32, tells me there is a lot of interest in this subject and concern for people we love.

For four Wednesdays beginning February 22, our midweek Bible study will feature a video and discussion study that will explore this timely and important subject. We will examine relevant biblical texts, hear personal testimonies, and hear words of wisdom from counselors, theologians and Bible teachers on the subject of the gay and lesbian lifestyle.

This subject will be dealt with in an open and straightforward way. It is best that young children not be present.

I believe this series of lessons will help us have greater understanding, greater compassion, and greater confidence in the power of prayer and the power of the gospel. We want Metropolitan to be a church that offers hope and new life in Jesus Christ to everyone.

–Pastor Randy


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