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Spiritual Care: A Ministry of Elders

Recently the elders met to pray with a member of our church who has been facing a debilitating illness. The church member asked for this intervention by prayer in keeping with the scripture (James 5:13-16). This has happened often in years past, and will occur again, as elders discharge their spiritual duties.

Our church constitution says, “The Board of Elders shall be vested with the authority to govern, discipline, and oversee the spiritual interests of this church.” It further states, “The Elders shall be responsible with the Pastor for the spiritual welfare of the church.”

In addition to the ministry of prayer, elders also fulfill their constitutionally-mandated duty of following up and contacting absentees. This ministry of member care lets people know that they are missed and that the church cares about them.

Each adult Sunday School class has an elder assigned to them, to facilitate communication, to be a liaison to the board of elders, and to pay attention to the spiritual welfare of the class.

We have recently re-instituted the practice of having an elder and his wife available for spiritual counsel and prayer for any who may desire this at the conclusion of worship services. Every Sunday morning an elder and a pastor will be standing beside the communion table to assist any who may come forward to request prayer, spiritual counsel, or guidance on how to become a Christian.


Randall Faulkner is the Senior Pastor at Metropolitan Baptist Church.