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Returning to Hungary

Last year I stepped WAY out of my comfort level. I left the comfortable little box I had constructed around me and my children. God had much bigger plans for me than I ever imagined.

After much prayer and arranging, I took three of my children to Hungary to assist at SHARE Education Conference in February. Over 400 parents and children attended an amazing week of refreshment led by the energetic leadership team from Greater Europe Mission. I taught 10-11 year olds, while my own children helped in the younger ages. Several missionary families said the only way they have been able to STAY on the mission field is specifically through the ministry to the educational needs of their children. We all have heard of the struggles some students have in school – imagine the difficulties compounded with languages, culture, and availability of resources. These families have the opportunity to have their children tested for reading issues, testing for grade level readiness, and college prep.

This ministry opportunity started when God put it on my heart one Sunday in 2016. As I was listening to Pastor Randy teach, something he said led my thoughts to serving on an overseas mission location. Me? A single mother to six children? That didn’t even make sense. But it wouldn’t leave my mind. I thought through my abilities and gifts, my bills and my schedule, and began looking at taking three of my children with me. I researched different options, but I just couldn’t get all the details to come together. The desire to serve overseas was now planted in my soul, but the growth of that seed was not coming. Did God really nudge me in this direction?

Then in September I received a message out-of-the-blue from a friend serving in Sweden. “Liz, would you be interested in coming to Hungary in February to teach children at our Family Education Conference?” There it was – the puzzle piece that was missing! God had planted the desire in my heart and had now provided the place.

And once again we have been asked to return. This time we know more of what to expect, and we are very excited. We had enough money left in our account at MBC from last year that we were able to already purchase our plane tickets.

Here are the details of our trip:

  • Who : Liz, Erin (16), Mary Grace (15), and Micah (10)
  • What: SHARE is an educational resource ministry to families living abroad. This yearly conference is a way for parents to recharge and learn, for the children to renew relationships and learn in a classroom environment, and standardized testing opportunities for those needing it. I will be teaching a group of 11-12 year olds for a week, perhaps some of the same children as last year. The theme this year is Ancient Rome.
  • When: We leave OKC on February 19, stay in Vienna, Austria for a couple of days to get used to the time change, take a train to Hungary, begin ministry on Saturday, return to OKC the following Sunday, March 3.
  • Pray: To have lesson plans for the week of instruction ready by the first part of January, to provide an enjoyable and creative classroom setting for the children coming, for the funds to cover the costs of flights and stay in Hungary, for servant attitudes, for safety as we travel and make connections, for Erin and Mary Grace to keep up with their high school assignments while gone (and that her teachers will work with them on this).

Would you commit to praying for us? We want this experience to be soaked in prayer from the beginning to the end. This is a HUGE undertaking. There will be so many opportunities for bad attitudes and stress and fatigue– And that’s just from me!

If you would like to contribute financially, you can do so online through the MBC website or a check to the church with “Dyer Mission Trip” in the memo line.

If you have any questions about the trip, please email ( me. I would love to tell you about it!

–Liz Dyer (with Erin, Mary Grace, and Micah)


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