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Read before You Vote

Our church constitution says that those who are nominated for the office of Elder and Deacon shall meet the biblical qualifications for these offices. It further says candidates should be (1) knowledgeable of the scriptures, (2) sound in theology, and (3) qualified for the office under the applicable Bible passages.

Two biblical passages are mentioned: 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Every member of Metropolitan should prayerfully read those chapters in preparation for the annual business meeting March 5 at 6:00. Each of us should seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we consider the candidates for Deacon and Elder.

This vote is not a popularity contest. It is not an exercise in church politics. It is serious business because we are contemplating the spiritual, moral and relational examples of those who are being called by the church to serve in leadership.

The people who will be elected will not be chosen merely to occupy a position. Rather they are being called to the Lord’s service. They will influence the future ministry and well-being of our church for years to come.

So please take seriously the biblical standards found in the New Testament as you consider the nominees for Elder and Deacon.

–Pastor Randy


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