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Meet the Elder Nominees

On March 5, we will select three elders among the nominees for this important leadership position. Please be in prayer regarding their selection, and look carefully at 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 for biblical guidance. Our elder nominees and some information about each of them are included below.

Robert Black is married to Janet. He joined Metropolitan in 1995. They have two daughters. Robert is an attorney. He came to salvation through Christ in the early 1990s.

Robert has served both as an elder and deacon. He has also been Sunday School Superintendent and served on various committees over the years.

He was personally impacted by the singles ministry at Metropolitan where he learned what it means to have a true relationship with Jesus and where he met his wife.

In considering goals for MBC, Robert would like Metropolitan to be a church that reaches the unsaved in our community, ministers to the saved, and continues to evangelize the world. He would like to see our ministry to young families grow as we serve their needs in our local community. He would also like to see our church grow in numbers as a sign that we are serving the lost and playing the role God wants us to play in the present and the future.


Joel Bruner and his wife Brenda have been members of Metropolitan for 11 years. He came to Christ around 1939. He is retired.

Joel has been involved with the MBC choir, and served as a Sunday School class president, with Whiz Kids, Mobile Meals, and as an elder. He credits our worship, his Sunday School class, and Whiz Kids as having the greatest impact on him and his family.

Joel believes Metropolitan needs a unified worship service, more emphasis on outreach and evangelism, fellowship meals, and more Christ, Culture & Coffee events. He would like to see a Christian concert series established here as well.


Jim English and wife Lorna have been a part of Metropolitan for 36 years. They have two married daughters and seven grandchildren. Every ministry in which they have served has impacted their lives, and there are many saints who have ministered to him and his family through this body. For many years, the Discipleship Class has provided great Christian fellowship for Lorna and him as they have seen multitudes of prayers answered through group prayer for friends and church needs over the years. He became a Christian in Lawton, Oklahoma in 1960. Jim is the owner of the Jamestown Auto Wash.

Jim has worked in Children’s Church, then served in many different roles with high school students. He drove the church bus for many student trips during that time. He served the Sound/Tape Ministry for many years and helped develop the process of converting all tapes from church teachings to the church website. He has been both a deacon and an elder and has been president of the Discipleship Class as well.

Regarding goals, Jim thinks Metropolitan needs to remain focused on filling the critical need of Bible teaching in our contemporary culture. This biblical teaching will allow each of us to grow as followers of Christ and enable us to serve others. His prayer is that Metropolitan can continue to minister to others through the teaching of God’s Word.


Dr. Ben Love is a pathologist. He has been a part of Metropolitan for 18 years. He came to Christ in 1949. He is married to Laura.

Dr. Love’s goals are that Metropolitan should complete the building plan program.

His service on the Board of Elders, being a member of the choir, involvement with Whiz Kids, and being a part of Sunday School and worship services have had the greatest impact on him.


Aaron Martin is Application Manager for Pall ForteBio, a scientific instrumentation company. He and Amanda have been members of Metropolitan since 2011. They have three children. He has been a Christian since 1990.

Aaron has been a member and class president in the Firm Foundations Sunday School Class and a D-group leader for 10th grade boys. He plays trombone in the church orchestra and serves on occasion in the nursery/childcare arena. He previously led a Purpose Team to organize home repairs for fellow church members.

Aaron’s goals for Metropolitan are to encourage group prayer and one-on-one discipleship to help build us up spiritually. He would like to see us partner with an inner-city or other local church to extend our reach in Oklahoma City and to be stretched by working/worshipping with people of different demographics. He would also like us to strategically engage our city more by continuing some of our current activities (Whiz Kids, marriage/parenting conferences, back-to-school bash, etc.), but also by participating with other churches in the area to volunteer and support events which bring the gospel to OKC.

Aaron and Amanda have been grateful for their Sunday School class family where many relationships have taught and strengthened them individually and as a couple. Aaron has attended a weekly men’s breakfast where he’s been mentored and discipled through the years. The children’s ministry and AWANAs have been instrumental in teaching their children the good news of Jesus.


We will feature our deacon nominees in next week’s Times.


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