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Lessons on Fishing

Most Christians are acquainted with Jesus’ words in Matthew 4:19. “Follow Me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” If we think deeply about this, we come up with different applications to our lives.

For one thing, even if we don’t have a Billy Graham-like gift of evangelism, we have to admit that this is for all Christians who want to follow Jesus faithfully.

Fishing for fish takes time and patience. Fishing for people does too. In order to catch fish, we must go where the fish are schooling. In order to bring people to Jesus, we must have meaningful contact with people who need him.

Also, fishing is a skill that may be learned. Sharing the message of Jesus with another person is a skill that may be learned.

I have found through the years that many people who love the Lord sincerely desire to be better equipped to share His good news with others. If you feel this way, I have welcome news for you.

Beginning next Wednesday, March 28, for five weeks I will be sharing some basic teaching on personal evangelism in our midweek Bible study. I think you will enjoy these discussion-based lessons on how to cultivate relationships and share the gospel with friends who need Christ. I invite you to come on Wednesday.

We will be reminded about the importance of prayer, reliance on the Holy Spirit, how to share your faith story, and we will learn a simple way to share the gospel using one verse of scripture.

Come for the prayer time at 6:45 p.m. (It is important that God’s people pray together.) This will be followed by the lessons on fishing. That is, fishing for people, the way our Lord told us to do it.

The prayer meeting and Bible study meet in the Fellowship Hall. (Pastor Doug’s marriage study meets in room 113-114.) See you Wednesday!

–Pastor Randy


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