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Community Groups: End of Year Report

Community groups are winding down to the end of our first year! We’re ending the year with five active groups and more than 40 people involved. Groups are taking a break for the summer, but members will stay in touch and hopefully gather for an occasional fellowship. Groups will start back again in the fall with new sign ups opening to allow more people to get involved. Groups will start fresh with new registrations and even some new leaders! Existing group members will be able to either rejoin their current group or move to a new one.

If you did not participate in a Community Group this year, pray about your involvement for next year! Our church is in a transitional time and unity is so important. These groups are an excellent means to building relationships and unity within the body. If you’re feeling like you’re not tied to the church or that you just stay in a small circle of people, join a group! We’ve had countless examples over the past several months of how these groups have served to build relationships and allow church members to love and care for each other in times of need. If you haven’t heard any of these stories, ask me! I’d love to share!

If you’re a current group member, please also pray about your involvement for next year. Should you remain in your current group? Should you move to another group in order to build new relationships? Should you step up into a leadership role or serve as a host? You can even ask your leader for ways to support them in guiding the group!

If you have any questions about this ministry, please don’t hesitate to contact me! We’re looking forward to a restful summer and the excitement of a new year ahead.

–Jamie Hildenbrand

Small Group Coordinator

(405) 818-4255


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