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Children’s Choirs Present “Ultimate Superstar”

Sunday – April 22 – 6:00 p.m.

All three MBC children’s choirs are preparing to present their annual spring musical which will feature the children in a variety of drama parts and solos. You are invited to join us for this special evening of encouragement through music.

Story writer and lyricist Sharon Turney says about the musical Ultimate Superstar, “The idea came to me upon the realization that so many kids these days seem to want to be ‘Superstars.’ So I decided to research what a ‘Superstar’ would be from God’s perspective. I came across a verse from Daniel (12:3) that I had never read before:

Those of you who are wise will shine like the brightness of heaven, and those who lead many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever.”

What a powerful concept: We can all be stars in God’s eyes! After all, God is the ULTIMATE SUPERSTAR. In this age of American Idol worship, what a timely message about where our focus should be, and who the Ultimate Superstar really is!”

The scene is set during a dress rehearsal for a church talent show. A misunderstanding leads the kids to think there’s some kind of big celebrity coming to see the show. They proceed with the rehearsal, thinking they will perform for someone very important. Acts include a country-western song, a comedy act, an Elvis impersonator, and much more. During all this, they have to deal with issues of pride and being “good enough to perform for a superstar.” Be sure to come to see the surprise ending.

–Sharon Burton


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