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Baptism Service This Sunday

Dear Metropolitan Family,

This Sunday will be an exciting day in the life of our church. We rejoice in that we have 10 believers in Christ expressing their faith through the ordinance of baptism. Due to the size of the group, the logistics of doing these baptisms in the sanctuary were not conducive. In lieu of this, we have elected to host these baptisms in the gymnasium during the Sunday School hour by using a portable baptistry.

Here are a few things to expect on Sunday during this great celebration. We will start our baptism service at 10:00 a.m. Each candidate will have a short video testimony. Various pastors will be conducting the baptisms as well. Our children’s choir will sing at the conclusion.

This service will be celebratory and encouraging for all of us. We also expect this to be a wonderful time of Christian fellowship where we join together as an entire body in praise of God for His work in these individuals and their respective families. God continues to demonstrate His good grace towards Metropolitan.


Pastor John


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