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Posts from December 2016

Numbers 34 – 43

“50 Ways to Love Our Community” is about service.  Everyone is a greeter, whether you have officially signed up to do so.  Numbers 34 – 43 may seem obvious, but these are the little things we can overlook when we aren’t being intentional. Greet our guests like an old friend when they come through the […]

More Ways to Love Our Community

In “50 Ways to Love Our Community” #21-#26, there is a component that is needed for them to happen effectively and that is YOU. Beyond inviting someone to “How to Have a New Kid by Friday” Parenting Event with Dr. Kevin Leman on January 13 and 14, 2017, we need your help in offering this gift […]

Holiday or Holy-day?

Our familiar word “holiday” carries the connotation of “time off” from a busy work schedule. It may involve vacation travel, family gatherings, feasting, or commemoration of an historical event. It may be of interest, especially this time of year, to remember the etymology of the word. It is easy to recognize its similarity to the […]

Rev. Graham Hill – Guest Speaker Sunday

Graham Hill served for several years as discipleship pastor at Valleydale Church of Birmingham, Alabama. He now serves as an itinerant minister and owns a financial planning business through Northwestern Mutual.. Previously Graham served as events coordinator for Student Life, an inter-denominational youth ministry emphasizing discipleship through Bible studies, mission opportunities, camps and conferences. This […]

Women’s Ministries Fall Kickoff Event

By the time this is printed in the Metro Times, it will almost be three weeks since our Women’s Ministries Fall Kickoff Event took place, on November 13. There were over 100 participants attending, and a lot of food and fellowship to partake. A special THANK YOU goes out to the Women’s Ministries Council: Louise […]

Thank You, Maurice!

For thirteen years Maurice Ferris has tapped the goodwill and generosity of his many friends to provide what he lovingly called “The Little Kids’ Christmas Party.” Motivated by the love of Jesus for the less fortunate, Maurice and his team provided a lavish holiday feast for about 250 children and members of their families every […]

Tech Upgrades

Some new exciting upgrades have been in the works lately to benefit our church and our ministry reach. The Tech Committee has been working hard this fall (testing and sorting equipment, running cable, building mounts, and more) to install cameras and equipment that will allow us to video record what is happening in the sanctuary […]

Parenting Event Registration Now Open

Registration has already begun for the upcoming “How to Have a New Kid by Friday” Parenting Event with Dr. Kevin Leman on January 13-14, 2017, so if you’re planning on attending one of the sessions for this year’s event, you’ll want to get signed up soon. Childcare is being offered during the Saturday morning session, […]