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Children on Their Hearts

Three of the organizations we support through Faith Promise giving are involved in the evangelism and discipleship of children. Though their ministries reach adults, children are on their hearts. Child Evangelism Fellowship utilizes Bible clubs set in neighborhoods, schools, and community centers to share Christ with children. Their Bible correspondence course has reached more than […]

Timeless Wisdom for Our Time

Recently I read some important statements contrasting knowledge and wisdom. “While knowledge and wisdom start from the same place, they arrive at utterly different destinations… Knowledge is individually held; wisdom is community good – one can only be wise in relation to other people. Knowledge becomes more valuable the more of it you have; wisdom’s value is […]

Being a Wise Steward

The first step toward being a wise steward is to fully accept and embrace the role. The fact that God is the owner of everything and all we have comes from Him becomes real for you when you believe it to be true and allow that truth to change you. Understanding that you are a […]

This Sunday A Milestone

The people to whom I have been speaking and listening have told me they have been praying for the Lord’s guidance with regard to our church’s building program. If we really are going forward “in faith,” then we can have glad confidence that God will lead the members of our church in this initiative. We […]

Why I Love MBC

With the launch of our new website, we have also launched a special video project. This project is simple, but powerful! We are asking any of our people who would like to share to come video their response to two basic statements: “Why I love MBC” and “What it has meant to me.” The website has […]

Worry Free Assets

The list of bad things that can damage or destroy property includes fire, tornadoes, hail, theft, vandalism and a host of other perils. Money and securities can be lost through bad investments, theft, debts and unforeseen expenses. Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about such things? In the sixth chapter of Matthew, two solutions […]