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Posts from August 2014

Meet Our Visiting Missionaries

September 21-24 will be our annual Missions Festival at Metropolitan. Several missionaries supported through our Faith Promise fund will be coming to share about the work they do here in the United States and other parts of the world. Here are stories from four of them who will be part of the Festival. Your gifts […]

The Master Plan of Evangelism

A small group study on discipleship will be offered on Wednesdays, September 3—November 19. Pastor Faulkner will lead a study of the classic book “The Master Plan of Evangelism” by Robert Coleman. This is an exploration of our Lord’s method of discipleship training.

Missions Festival – September 21-24

Your Missions Committee has been preparing for our upcoming Missions Festival – trusting that God is and will be at work in our lives. We’re excited to host our local missionaries and cross-cultural workers for this event, and also our “out of town” and/or international missionaries and workers. Those who plan to join us from different States or countries include the following guests: Abel and Sarah Miller and children, New Tribes Mission (NTM), Tanzania, Africa Doug and Betty Benshoof, Nav…

The Right Thing to Do

A Chinese diplomat and his American counterpart were engaged in delicate negotiations. They discovered an unexpected and welcomed mutual understanding when he produced a picture of his granddaughter. He said, “This is what we’re in it for.” The sentiment struck an emotional chord.

Looking for MBC Christmas Favorites

Brent Ballweg, our Interim Music Director (or IMG as he likes to call himself), is looking for your Christmas favorites to include as a part of our annual Christmas program the evening of December 21. Your favorites will be incorporated within congregational singing and instrumental, solo, ensemble, or choral presentations. To let the IMG know of your favorite, email or fill out the “Contact a Pastor” page on our MBC website addressed to the IMG.

Dragon Boat Racing & Spanish Cove

Dragon Boat racing is growing in Oklahoma City and with some of the Metropolitan Church family. At a recent Regatta, Letha Long, Reatha Willett, and Cody Brinkmeyer, on the Spanish Cove team, faced their “rival” YMCA team which included Robin Jones. (She’s known as a “wannabe senior” by those in this group!) According to Reatha Willett, the average age of those who are on the Spanish Cove team is 80-82.

“Come with Us”

Moses might well have sung, “I Am Bound for the Promised Land” when he invited his brother-in-law to join the Israelites as they made their way through the wilderness toward their new home in Canaan. “Come with us, and we will treat you well, for the Lord has promised good things to Israel” (Numbers 10:29). That is a reminder to us of the power of an invitation. Specialists in church development tell us that the majority of people who visit a church for the first time do so because they wer…

Not a Household Name – Yet

Bezalel’s name is not a household word to most of us. But he was famous in ancient Israel. It was Bezalel whom the Lord chose to oversee the creation of the Tabernacle, the beautiful sanctuary/tent in which the Lord’s presence would reside.