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Posts from July 2013

Things To Do Before Labor Day

Sometime during late July or the beginning of August, somebody starts doing the back-to-school thing and almost ruins the rest of the summer! Yes, with the middle of August comes a faint whiff of chalk on the breeze, and you know that school is around the corner. But summer isn’t over quite yet!

Building Bridges With Love

The natural barriers that divide people should not matter in the church. They are real, and they are understandable, but in Christ, they do not matter. This is what the apostle meant when he wrote, “In Christ’s family there can be no division into Jew and non-Jew, slave and free, male and female.

What Is CYIA?

CYIA, or Christian Youth in Action, is an arm of Child Evangelism Fellowship which recruits high school students to spend two weeks of their summer for training in order to spread the gospel to children. The first week consists of classes, and the second week has staff members placing three students together to hold a 5-Day Club. Child Evangelism Fellowship ministers to children all over the world. They believe children are more open to the gospel and that it is imperative to share Christ w…

Missionary Moments

Every year the Missions Committee receives annual reports from the Faith Promise missionaries we support. In those reports they share one or two blessings they have received during the past year of their ministry where they serve. Here are three of the stories from the past year. Steve & Melanie Galegor Go2 Church Planting Ministries, New […]

St. Louis Bound!

This coming Sunday a group of 7th-8th grade middle school students and adult leaders will leave to travel to St. Louise, Missouri for a week of serving people in that community. For the last four years we have partnered with a mission organization known as Christ in Youth.

Ministering to Those In Need

During the week of July 8, a team of middle school students and adults volunteered their time with The Urban Mission OKC Food Bank. The Urban Mission is an organization that provides not only food, but also several programs to help those that are in need. For three days the students worked in the food pantry, while building relationships with the other workers and the people the food bank reaches.

Doing God’s Business

Biblical Financial Principles #12 – Trusting in Wealth is Dangerous In numerous places the Bible declares that wealth is deceitful. Trusting in it can cause you to think and act in destructive ways and lead you to a false hope. Deuteronomy 8:14 indicates that wealth can make your heart proud and cause you to forget […]

You’re Needed

Two important ministries at Metropolitan are in need of volunteers. One involves children and the other involves cars. One involves training and the other involves a minimal level of experience. Both yield great rewards. AWANA Clubs is an excellent children’s ministry that focuses on memorizing key Bible verses and learning essential Bible truths. It is […]

Straw Hat Camp

Another great year of Straw Hat Camp has come to a close for our 2nd – 5th grade kids. There was hiking and lots of great food. We took on the challenge of the low and high ropes courses; we soared down the zip line at amazing speeds.